Mule & Donkey Welfare, Nutrition, & Management

Did  You Know?
Helpful Tips for Successful Donkey and Mule Management

By Dr. Amy K. McLean

Review of Nutritional Management & Diseases commmon to Donkeys

By Dr Amy K. McLean & Dr. Camie R. Heleski

Preventative Health & Nutrition of Mules & Donkeys

By Dr. Amy K. McLean

Feeding Donkeys 

By Dr Faith Burden. Head of Veterinary Projects Department. The Donkey Sanctuary

How does your donkey score?

By Dr. Judy Marteniuk

Improving Donkey (EQUUS ASINUS) WelfareThrough Enhanced
Managment, Training & Education

By Dr. Amy K. McLean

Improving working donkeys welfare in Mali

By Amy K. McLean, Camie R. Heleski, Melvin T. Yokoyama, Wei Wang, Amadou Doumbia, Boubacar Dembele

Issues facing working donkeys in rural Mexico

By Faith A. Burden, Nicole Du Toit, Mariano Hernandez-Gil, Omar Prado-Ortiz, Andrew F. Trawford

Working Donkeys in Ethiopia

By Alemayehu Lemma and Meron Moges

The International Symbol of Agriculture

By Dr. Amy K. M.cLean

Clinical biochemical parameters of the endangered Catalonian donkey breed

By J. Jordana,  P. Folch & R. Cuenca

The Contribution of Donkeys to Human Health

          By M. Ali, M. Baber, T. Hussain, F. Awan and A. Nadeem

Plasma pharmacokinetics, faecal excretion and efficacy of pyrantel pamoate paste and granule formulations

          By Cengiz Gokbuluta, Dilek Aksitb, Giorgio Smaldonec, Ugo                          Marianid, Vincenzo Venezianoca

Herd Health For Donkeys

         By Stephen R. Purdy, DVM

Characteristics Of Morphological Parameters Of Donkeys In The Czech Republic

          By Martina Kosťuková, Hana Černohorská, Iveta Bihuncová, Ivana               Oravcová,Eva Sobotková, Iva Jiskrová

Energy-related parameters

         By F.J. Mendoza, A. Perez-Ecija, J.C. Estepa, C.A. Gonzalez-De Cara, R.          Aguilera-Aguilera, R.E. Toribio

Treatment of a Radial Salter-Harris Type IV Fracture with a Modified Robert-Jones Bandage in a Young Donkey

          By Uribe Cortez Jonathan, Rodriguez Monterde Alejandro

Welfare Assessment of Working Equids in the North Coast of Colombia

          By Amy K. McLean, PhD

Comparing the physiological and biochemical parameters of mules and hinnies to horses and donkeys

          By Amy K. McLean, PhD

Donkeys And Mules As Surgical Patients

         Washington State University

Radiographic and Computed Tomographic Anatomy of the Fetlock, Pastern and Coffin Joints of the Manus of the Donkey

           By Mohamed E. Amin, Raafat M.A. Elbakary, Mohamed A.M. Alsafy,            Naglaa Fathi

Donkeys Are Different

          By Faith Burden, Alex Thiemann

Donkey Milk for Manufacture of Novel Functional Fermented Beverages

          By Annamaria Perna, Immacolata Intaglietta, Amalia Simonetti, and           Emilio Gambacorta

The AMA thanks all of the Doctors, Veterinarians & researchers who help us understand the Mule & Donkey a little better.

If you have any info to give let us know.

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