We now offer a way for you to pay and send in your monthly report for both the LEVA & SSA online. You can go to the LEVA/SSA online purchase page to signup for our yearly LEVA/SSA awards program. Of course you can still mail everything in if you would like by using the forms near the bottom of this page.

General Riding Program Information

The fee for each program is $10. Forms can be printed and mailed in or submitted online. Send in substantial information. Sign up and pay the fee before points will be counted and the year ends December 31st. Rider must be a member of the AMA and the mule or donkey must be registered with the AMA.

Long Ear Versatility Award

Recognition for non-AMA mule events and mule participation in all other equine type events. Points will be awarded for participation for any equine type activity on an AMA registered mule or donkey. This program is based on one registered mule or donkey and one AMA member rider. The levels of achievement are as follows; certificate of merit, supreme achievement rating and top 5 award. The points are as follows:

  1. Parades 10

  2. Horse shows 20

  3. Sanctioned Gymkhanas 15

  4. NBHA event 20

  5. Advertised trail ride 10

  6. Wagon events 10

  7. Team penning and roping 15

  8. Other equine events 10

Saddle Sore Award

Recognition for time spent in the saddle of your mule or donkey. Hours are logged on the honor system. Only hours ridden for practice or pleasure will count. If competing at an event that can be used for another award, those hours will not count. This award is based on the hours an AMA rider spends in the saddle on any registered AMA animal. Please list which animals you are using to accrue SSA hours.

Registration Form (LEVA And SSA)

Click Here to Download a PDF