Membership in the American Mule Association entitles you to earn year-end and lifetime points for your mule in performance, ranging from western, English, driving and gymkhana events. Halter classes are offered for saddle mules, pack mules and donkeys and a packing division is also available, all offering year-end awards. Awards programs are offered ranging from Top Ten and Register of Merit Certificates to Youth awards in 4-H, FFA or Grange with points accumulated when they use their mule or donkey as their project animal. Many more awards are offered and described in the AMA Handbook for both riding and non-riding activities. A membership also includes:

* One year of either an individual or family membership

* The official AMA Handbook (rulebook)

* The AMA monthly newsletter “MULES”

* Mule and Donkey Registrations (additional fee) download here

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