Mule & Donkey Breeding & Reproduction

Mules & Donkeys 101

By Dr. Amy K. McLean

Anatomical Differences of the Donkey and Mule

By Suzanne L. Burnham, DVM

Donkey Differences In Regards to Reproduction

By Dr. Amy K. McLean

Selecting the Jack of Hearts

By Dr. Amy K. McLean

Donkey Breeds in Europe

By Waltraud Kugler, Hans-PeterGrunenfelder, Elli Broxham

Strategies for the management of donkey jacks in intensive breeding systems

         By I. F. Canisso, M. C. G. Davies Morel† and S. McDonnell

Bilateral Ovulation Fossa Inclusion Cysts in Miranda Jennets

          By M. Quaresma, R. Payan-Carreira, M. dos Anjos Pires and J. F. Edwards

Characterization of the estrous cycle of jennies

          By M. Quaresmaa, R. Payan-Carreira

Estrous cycle characteristics & response to estrus synchronization in mammoth asses

           By T. L. Blanchard, T. S. Taylor and C. L. Love

Evidences of Regular Estrous Cycles in Mules and Successful Use of These Animals as Recipients for Donkey Embryos

          By Suellen M. González, Roberta G. Gomes, Anne K. Souza, Camila B. Silva, Katia C. Silva-Santos, Marcelo Marcondes Seneda

Reproductive biology of Pega Jackasses characteristics of sperm-rich fraction collected using the split-ejaculate method

           By L.E. Carvalho, J.M. Silva Filho, M.S. Palhares, A.L.R. Sales, A.T. Gonczarowska,H.N. Oliveira, T. Resende Jr., R. Rossi

Physical and morphological characteristics of the first three jets of Pega jackasses sperm-rich fraction

           By L.E. Carvalho, J.M. Silva Filho, M.S. Palhares, A.L.R. Sales, A.T. Gonczarowska,H.N. Oliveira, M. Resende, R. Rossi

Effect of month of conception on fertility of mares inseminated with jackass semen

           By R. Rossi, A.T. Gonczarowska, M.S. Palhares, A.M. Boeta, Y.F. Resende,E.A. Ribeiro, J.M. Silva Filho

Donkey Reproduction

By D. G. Pugh, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACT, Diplomate ACVN

Jennies and Mares to Conceive with Cooled and Frozen Semen

By Marianne Vidamenta, Pierrick Vincent, Francois-Xavier Martin, Michele Magistrinia, Elisabeth Blesbois

Effect of cryoprotectant on donkey semen freezability and fertility

By J.V. Oliveira, M.A. Alvarenga, C.M. Melo, L.M. Macedo, J.A. Dell’Aqua Jr., F.O. Papa

Sperm motility patterns and metabolism in Catalonian donkey semen

By J. Miro, V. Lobo, A. Quintero-Moreno, A. Medrano, A. Pena, T. Rigau

Behavioral, Folliculor & Gonadotropin changes during the estrous cycle in donkeys

          By Godelieve M. Vandeplassche,  J. A. Wesson, and 0. J. Ginther.

Color Doppler provides a reliable and rapid means of monitoring luteolysis in female donkeys

           By J. Miró, K. Vilés, O. Anglada, H. Marín, J. Jordana, A. Crisci

Pharmacokinetic Evaluations of Sulpiride After Intravenous, Intramuscular, and Oral Single-Dose Administration in Jennies

            By Mario Giorgi, Cecilia Vullo, Virginia De Vito, Giuseppe Catone, Vanessa Faillace, Fulvio Laus

Reproductive seasonality of the jenney

            By O.J. Ginther, S.T. Scraba, and D.R. Bergfelt

Quick method for identifying horse and donkey hybrids

          By M.M. Franco, J.B.F. Santos, A.S. Mendonça, T.C.F. Silva, R.C. Antunes and E.O. Melo

Reproductive Patterns in the Non-Breeding Season in Jennies

          By M Quaresma, SR Silva and R Payan-Carreira

Physical characteristics and fertility of fractionated donkey semen cooled at 5°C

           By L.E. Carvalho, J.M. Silva Filho, M.S. Palhares, A.L.R. Sales, A.T. Gonczarowska,H.N. Oliveira, M.C. Resende, M.G. Neves, R.J. Madison

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